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Serving customers is key to our organization. MGSY Technologies is a leading consulting and training organization which provides excellent technical expertise and IT training to small and medium sized businesses. In addition, MGSY Technologies provides a complete suite of expert application packaging,  management, and virtualization services. 

Established in 2005, MGSY Technologies has served several small, medium, and large Fortune 1000 clients. We have successfully implemented software packaging, deployment services and development projects.  Our experts in project and product management have guided and managed entire product lifecycles from strategic planning to tactical activities. Our belief in customer relationship goes beyond contractual terms which guarantees outcomes with great enthusiasm before and after project completion. 

Why Choose Us?


  • Exceptional customer service

  • Reduced cost of deployment and support

  • Reduce need for technical support for projects

  • Increase time and resource availability for critical projects

  • Benefit from faster and timely deployments 

  • Reduce risks and deployment issues

  • Eliminate internal documentation needs

  • Reduce time and resource spent for testing

  • Leverage faster, professional support

  • Increase productivity

  • Save overall project costs

  • Reduce costs spent on tools 

  • Competitive flat project rates



Information Technology Consulting


Expert end to end professional services for application packaging, deployment and virtualization projects and their entire lifecycles along with Windows migration, IT security and building solutions and setup development.

Software and Project Management Consulting


Expert services in business analysis, wireframing, product management, project management, QA testing and implementation.

Training and Placement Services


Comprehensive and professional training on product and project management, and application viertualization, packaging and deployment along with professional guidance and preparation for placement into high quality contractual and full time roles. 






"I would certainly recommend training from MGSY Technologies. The program was incredibly well planned and targeted to our needs. The expertise, knowledge,  and delivery were excellent. I was provided essential and relevant information that eventually led MGSY Technologies to place me in my  Software Packager role."

Ankit Desai, Software Packager

Hub International

"We have been leveraging training and placement guidance services from MGSY  Technologies for over an year to strengthen the portfolio of our clients and candidates. The dedication and expertise the company provides is unsurpassable, and we recieve a 100% satisfaction rating from our candidates post training and placement."

Raman Subramaniam, Founder

ERP Systems US, Inc.

"The professional and candid approach of trainers from MGSY Technologies made the training both interesting and fun. I received all the information I needed to be successful in my upcoming role for software packaging. The entire material was presented in a very organized manner that was easy to learn and retain. It was one of my best training experiences to date!"

Sudhir Patel, Student

College of Dupage



Our Address

3033 Ogden Ave, Suite 202

Lisle, IL 60532, USA

Email: info@mgsy.com

Phone: 630 597 5437

Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM CST