Requirements Gathering

We approach each and every project with a requirements gathering session to gain a clear understanding of the project expectations and requirements, so our team can strive to not just meet but exceed those expectations. This session will involve a detailed conversation with all key stakeholders to ensure comprehensive understanding of the project. 

Implementation and Execution

Once the expectations are clear and documented, the project is kickstarted with a kickoff call that will clearly state the plan of action along with a statement of work and project plan, so the client is fully engaged with us throughout the implementation and execution process and has full visibility as well as clear understanding of deliverables and timelines. 

Quality Assurance 

When a project nears completion, a full phase is dedicated to performing full testing to ensure quality assurance, as well as have the client perform user acceptance testing to ensure all deliverables meet the needs initially stated and the quality is high  of the final product.  

Ongoing Dedicated Support

Once a project is delivered and the client signs off, we engage in a period of ongoing dedicated support , to ensure the client can fall back on us for any support issues  or if any discrepancy comes to attention at a later stage. We strive to ensure our clients are not only satisfied with the end result but also completely content by the experience of the project and the service and delivery.